Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
1. Idea -
Everybody has a special skill but where to place or to advertise?
- respectively is there a place where to look for all kinds of services near you, citywide, countrywide, worldwide?
For everybody able to register who is looking for the missing puzzle piece for his own project, other private purposes or either who wants to offer a skill.
 - Programmers, Photographers, Dancers, Cooks, Strippers, Translater, Personal Trainers, Car Repair and so on.
( - Of course no prostituting and no illegal offers)

2. www.whatyoulack.com - (german - was dir fehlt)
This already open beta platform is a marketplace where supply and demand can meet.
But it needs a lot of programming work to make it functional and get it to a fine shape.

3. whatyoulack - be the missing puzzle piece
As a user you are able to share on social networks or recommend straight to a friend directly.

I would be happy to welcome you to the team... -Let me know

Additional Info