WordPress Interactive plugin

Looking for: Developer, Engineer

If you are an engineer with experience in WordPress plugins and basic WordPress pages, we would like to speak with you.

We are currently looking for an experienced engineer capable of doing the following in WordPress:

  • Write a plugin that can be embedded/incorporated on other wordpress sites (especially blog sites).  The plugin will be responsible for showing a menu when a user highlights specific text on the page.  The end product will be intended to make customer service easier for users of websites and this will be reached through Agile development. To start, the menu will be dynamic, based on user-supplied information, but will show at least:

    • Social share buttons: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

    • A text box for user-supplied input

  • Create a simple sign-up page and store that information in a database.  The page does not need to be heavy on design, but does need to be ‘presentable’.  I will discuss specifics with the right candidate.

  • As the project matures, this will become more complex, but we will start simple and add features as we discuss them with customers.

The right candidate will not only be able to implement the WordPress plugin, but is also interested in gaining experience as an entrepreneur.  You will be offered a large amount of options and even founders’ shares in the company and will be encouraged to offer input and guidance in moving the company forward.  Between the two current co-founders, we have nearly a decade of experience in engineering and business development and have close contacts with Salt Lake City’s investor community.

We have acquired multiple, valuable beta customers -- site owners & CMOs whose sites recieve tens-of-thousands of unique page views each month.  Thus, your code will be used straightaway, and customers will be available for feedback.   

This is not currently our full-time job, and we don’t expect it to be yours, so you must be able to take guidance from the team, offer input of your own, and then work independently to finish all necessary tasks.

I can help take care of all the technical logistics for running the project, so you just need a computer and internet connection.  If you are interested, please contact Brandon Hansen.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development