"WOE IS ME." ( Seriously. I'm not joking.) "Wo" is actually "me" in Mandarin Chinese. What?

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Every language learning system is built around some form of MEMORIZATION. But what if you could eliminate memorization?  "The Mandarin Show?" is the first application by GLU (Global Learning Universe) that proves that you can learn a new language without the process of repetitive memorization. Just like "woe" is the word for "me" in Mandarin Chinese, entire languages can be learned by highlighting mental connections between words and ideas in one's native language and words in a new one. Unfortunately, creating an entire mnemonic-based language learning system would require creating an entire mnemonic dictionary. Fortunately, we've already done that. Plus, we've already built an initial product for sale. And now we're starting on our second product.

Because this process can work between ANY two languages, we're looking at hundreds of additional applications. And so, we're looking for many new partners to join us in this venture. We are self-funding to date, and will be moving quickly to expand investment partners as well to accelerate our growth.

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