WineSocial - Where the Business of Wine becomes Social.

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other

Business Summary: WineSocial will be a global social platform where the players that operates in the wine business, from wineries to brokers, from growers to restaurants with wine list, can meet and grow their business. We already have an initial database of around 140.000 operators in the US market alone. The platform, in development, will be launched in beta by the end of september. A built-in affiliate program will allow co-marketing and business dev activities

Product/Services: The platform offers to the business users, logged in and profiled, depending on the membership level (free, business and gold) the possibility to find businesses (with a lead generator), connect and contact them (with an inmail system), post marketing material and opportunities, and more.

Target market: In 2016, the global wine market will reach $303.6 billion, +17.9% since 2011($252 billion). The global wine market grew by 1.5% in 2011, or 22,150.9 m liters. In 2016, the global wine market will reach 24,416.6 m liters, +10.2% since 2011. Europe accounts for 65% of the global wine market value. The market is still extremely fragmented and globally disperse, so the number of single operators is enormous.

Team: the actual team is now composed by a founder-biz developer, a founder-senior developer, two advisors and a legal consuel. We needs someone with an advertising background, that knows marketing techniques, including social marketing and seo, with experience and/or knowledge of the wine market to be the MarComm person.

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