wigidi - Want it | Got it | Drop it

Looking for: Developer
wigidi is designed to help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions, and retailers be able to predict what their customers want, and why they don't have it yet. We are looking to secure a position on a funded Accelerator programme to build a prototype and secure Series A funding.

We are after a CTO, who can commit part-time now helping define and shape the product, and commit fulltime once a position is secured on an Accelerator - which may involve a temporary funded relocation for the duration of the programme (typically 3 months).

Like us, you will not be paid during this period, but will have living costs covered. In exchange you will receive a healthy equity stake and have an equal say in how the product and company develops with the two existing founders. This is a real opportunity to join two seasoned professionals with exit experience, in building something big that could become a worldwide household brand.

Any prior experience welcomed, but web and mobile development skills are essential.

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