whoAREu? App - Snap it! - Snip it! - Post it! - Guess it!

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
whoAREu? is on the iOS app store but has some bugs I need fixed. Looking for a Co-Founder Technical Lead who can finish off the App and become a joint owner.

With whoARu? you can take a photo, snip a small part of the photo eg: 'nose' and then challenge friends to guess who it belongs to. You can do this in three ways:
1) send to one friend via a turn-based game
2) challenge your Facebook friends - post to your Facebook page
3) challenge the world - post to the whoAREu? Facebook page

whoAREu? has revenue streams built in:
1) iAds
2) inApp purchases

When it first launched on the App Store it received immediate downloads, but the bugs stopped people from using it. Once the bugs are fixed, we've got a real fun app!

Additional Info