Web service to plan and share trip routes

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
With a help of this service user could create a route for any trip.  User may change it as much as possible, add new points, move and delete them from the route. To have the full itinerary the time to stay (or a start time) for points can be established and whole time will be recalculated automatically. So the user always know exactly what and when to move.
For each point and route to-do list and expenses list can be created - user always know where to do what and how much money (s)he spent or will spend. The list of things can user not to forget to take them next time.
User alsow can check points where something happen for example "seeing a bear".
Everything can be shared between users: routes, lists, impressions.
List of things will be linked with the online store and routes - with the list of point of interests.
TravelExpert will help user to plan a route based on the budget, wanted activities, area, other conditions like kids, pets, number of people etc.
This service is rather for independent travellers that like to explore and make some activity.

Additional Info