Web Frontend and Backend Software Engineers

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Who we are
A very early stage startup. Hence this is a huge opportunity to get on-board early on. We are in the process of developing a web and mobile games/media delivery platform. At present the firm direction we want to head towards is to first build a platform on which new features can be later bolted. If you are passionate about working on a project and for a company from a very early stage, then this is your best opportunity.

What we are looking for
We are looking for a set of skills and experience (Interns please also see the note at the end of this section):

1. JavaScript, HTML(5 will be a bonus), CSS(3 will be a bonus) (experience with responsive design and progressive enhancement will be a huge plus)
2. Node.js and/or SilkJS (writing native modules and deployment is a huge plus), V8, C++ (STL and Boost)
3. NoSQL, PostgreSQL/MySQL
4. AWS, load-balancing/reverse-proxing, Highly parallel real-time zero-downtime system setup and monitoring
5. Video and image processing library experience (e.g. porting, fixing/contributing to and using C/C++ APIs of libraries from ImageMagick and/or FFmpeg)
6. Developing Webservices, Push notification and RESTful APIs

You don't have to know all of the above. But you have to know at least two sets and within each of those two sets at least two skills. In addition to that you should have Linux, Git and Continuous Integration experience. Experience of writing and understanding secure code is a must. Team leading and mentoring experience is an added bonus. When applying please mention all your skill-sets (both technical and non-technical) on a separate page within your CV, and rate your expertise in each of those skills on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 being "White-belt Kid - Worked on just one project(for at least 6 months) using this technology/skill" and 10 being "Ninja - can recite/demonstrate the technology/skill even while asleep"). Also mention number of years of experience with each technology/skill.

It will be a huge bonus if you can also demonstrate your skills showcasing your active personal project(s) on github, bitbucket, sourceforge, freshmeat etc.

This is a startup at a very early stage, hence owning additional non-engineering activities and responsibilities will be a must.

And yes, you need to have a hell-loads of sense of humour! As this is a startup, there is going to be blood, sweat and tears. You need the have nerves to hold on to it. You need to be a brave heart.

And equally important, we are also eager to know what other interests you have apart from software engineering. Tell us about, say, your passion for photography, your drum playing skills or your painting skills, can you juggle ten balls at the same time? Can you spin on your toe? Can you read a book upside-down? We want to know it all - what amazing and amusing things you can do. Surprise us!

Note: Interns are encouraged to apply as well. They have to demonstrate solid computer science knowledge (e.g. data structures, algorithm analysis, data communication, database design, language theory) and/or active project experience. Also, interns who have not taken computer science courses but can show personal software projects and experience too will be considered.

Where are we located
We are based in Swindon, United Kingdom with future option to move to London if business mandates. The advantage of being in Swindon is that the cost of living is far lower compared to London. There is a thriving tech community (and also restaurants and pubs) in and around Swindon. You get best of both worlds, a countryside lifestyle (early morning jog in the woods, birds chirping their morning and evening songs) and a very well connected place to London, Reading, Oxford and Bristol. And to top all that a technologically challenging project with a very early stage startup!

What you will get
This is an equity based opportunity. In addition to that you will be contributing, at a very early stage, to a very exciting platform and challenging projects.

How to get in touch with us
When applying please include your CV and also a few lines about yourself and why you are interested in working with us. Our email address is: wannaB[at]linuxmail[dot]org

Additional Info