We put your businesses key CTA's into a mobile hub and deliver it to your audience via sms.

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Interaction Q provides mobile solutions to help you develop and maintain a strong mobile presence. Interaction Q’s primary solution is a customized Mobile Hub that serves as the core of your mobile presence. Consider it the nerve center where your mobile customers and followers can go to connect and interact with you.

You may currently have a Facebook page, a deal posted on a coupon site, your business listed on a business review site, etc. However, consumers have to navigate to each of those pages individually, and that means they are likely missing out on most of the places where you currently have mobile visibility.

That’s where Interaction Q’s Mobile Hub comes into play! We take all of the ways that you are currently trying to reach your audience, and we combine them into one user-friendly place, which is your customized Mobile Hub. Now your audience only has to go to one place on their mobile device to connect and interact with you in all the ways you want them to, and they are able to do so easily with our SMS (text message) Auto-Responses which link directly to your Mobile Hub. Now your audience has everything they need, and you have their phone number collected in our backend which you can use to text message your audience one at a time or in mass.

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