We make music go viral!

Looking for: Developer

TuneClout is a user/engagement play with an easy path to monetization with a projected revenue of 500m by the end of FY5. Our product is focused around a viral loop we call our “Buy-Share” model. It is an ultra sharable version of music that asks the listener to buy or share a song with 5 friends after the 5th play. There is a high-level industry significance that I would be happy to speak to you about. 




While artists are utilizing this new utility for growth and monetization, they are also broadcasting TuneClout Media in the process. Since artists are organizations with thousands of followers, we estimate a mere 150 artists will be enough to broadcast us to millions in less than 30 days. We currently have over 100 artists including 5 record labels registered for Beta. Overall there are over 2m artists in N. America, this number grows annually. 

Value proposition to the artist – We make their music go viral

Value proposition to the listener- Get free music by sharing with friends


Both propositions have been validated with users.

We have 3 provisional patents. 2 founders, Standford EE with experience in music management for Atlantic and Interscope Records. My history is in my profile by my experience is in B2B/B2C marketing. 

Our MVP is 65-75% complete. Written in ROR. 

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