We Help Startups In Developing Countries

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
When you consider most startups, it looks like everyone is trying to create the next Facebook, GILT, Google or anything that has to do with expanding our social connectivity. While this is economically great for developed countries, what about those in transition and the individuals trying to get their idea to the next level? What startup resources are available to the hypothetical team in Kenya who has the "global changing idea" but simply needs the workspace and advising to make it happen? This is why I developed TownSquare, a network of global co-creation spaces that not only assist startups by providing a common workspace but provide an educational element as well. 

1. seminars
2. training courses
3. Legal assistance

One of the biggest questions I've been asked is, "how will this idea make money?" When you look at the resouces we are providing to startups it can almost seem like many of them are going back to school so why not treat the co-creation spaces like one? Each startup team would have to pay a monthly fee in order to use the co-creation space [located in a major city], which would include amenties like class rooms, conference rooms, wifi, eating areas and so on. The space rates would be geared towards the average income per country. We would also run a tri-monthly incubation period for four startups that have the best chances of launching a successful product. This particular idea would require a call for applications. 

By creating this community of creativity, startups in developing countries have the potentional to create more jobs and wealth. 

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