We design and manufacture fuel systems that enable diesel engines to operate on biofuels.

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Optimus designs and manufactures fuel systems and engine controls that enable traditional engines to utilize cleaner fuels at optimized performance levels. Our Vector System significantly reduces operating costs and mitigates harmful emissions by enabling use of cleaner burning domestically produced fuels.

In recent years the price of oil has hit record highs and is continually trending upward. Companies are paying fuel prices 3-5 times what they were ten years ago. These increases significantly cut into their bottom line and hinder their ability to do business.

Our Vector System:

Is a combination of patent pending mechanical hardware and software components
Optimizes the use of existing alternative fuels and is engineered to accept new fuels as they emerge
Bolts onto existing engines to reduce operating costs without needing to completely repower or replace existing equipment

Saves fleets money while utilizing renewable fuels and mitigating petroleum usage.

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