We are planning to fill a void in Online English education, a school specializing in children

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Weiland and Company English Instructional Videos


Learning to speak and read is the key to any child's education. True command of the English language opens opportunities in all areas of study, from music to science, medicine to law. Teachers know the earlier a child is encouraged to start reading, the more likely that child is to succeed in school.


Samantha Weiland established a company to make early reading a reality for as many students as possible. As a credentialed teacher with over 15 years’ experience, she has both the educational background and the expertise necessary to produce a product all children can use to work their way through an early education in reading and understanding the English language.


Most importantly, these lessons are designed to accommodate children who are too young for online learning and need the extra help a one-on-one teacher can provide.  Parents can be assured each lesson is tailor-made for situations where an early reader might be struggling, and is also tailor-made for an educational environment that requires maximum flexibility.  Parents will be surprised at the progress their child can make with the right help!


My name is Samantha Weiland, and I want to help your child and all children learn to read. When I see so many students needing better instructional resources I decided it was time for my series to be produced and brought to market, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.  I'd like you to be a part of our campaign and help make our series a reality!

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