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Traveling itself is such a thrill, but nobody likes the hassle of figuring out the logistics of a trip. Recent studies show that, on average, we visit 38 different web sites before deciding to take the plunge and actually book our flight and accommodation. This is an incredible number indicative of an unnecessarily complex process. The seemingly infinite amount of travel-related information online can be daunting, so much so that people forego entire trips. Yet, we all know what we like; we also have a general sense of how much we can spend - why can’t we have suggestions for where to go based on that? 

Enter Wanderlust, a website that thinks exactly like the user would when she begins planning a trip and provides travel recommendations based on her budget and interests. Enter how much you can spend and what you're interested in to find out where you could go. You can book immediately or simply save the itinerary and flip to the next trip that matches the criteria they’ve entered.

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