Vocational guidance for parents and seat filling system for institutes

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In India we have close to 50000 (50K) institutes (Universities, colleges and Pvt institutes) giving education after school to PhD level and we take apx each institute has 4 avg courses to teach then we have in all 200,000 x 25 (avg students in each course/ institute) seats to be filled every year; which comes to 5 million seats. Some institutes are over filled and some go without notice. How can we reduce the gap and fulfill the dream of all children to get them the right course and right seat.
this system will guide all students for Vocational guidance and help them make right choice instead of taking what they are getting.
Similarly when we have 50k institutes then multiply them by 20 apx no of faculty members; thus 1 million qualified trained teachers of M.Phil & PhD level but are we using them rightly for Publications, Seminars, International events, study material and what not.

Now we want to collaborate and use all educational research database on one single platform to help all related to education. Reaching millions of schools in Vocational guidance to start with.

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