- peer-to-peer car sharing aggregator

Looking for: Developer, Marketer
What problem we solve:
We solve the problem of secured and cheap rent-a-car in any country, very ecologically – we don't increase number of cars on the planet!
If you travel in the country – you may rent a car cheaper than in rent-a-car companies or for the same money get bigger class car (maybe slightly older).
If you live in this country – you may rent different type of cars for different needs: van for transtporting, jeep for weekends, small for intracity rides, limousine for VIP hosting etc.
How we differ from similar products:
We offer 99,9% secured peer-to-peer transactions on car-sharing market. Theft-proof, with 100% identified users, with a number of security levels.
Such security cannot provide no-one of vendors worldwide!
What is the stage and capitalization of the project:
We are in seed-stage, having beta-landing page on that collects leads.
Capitalisation on todays stage – $100k.
Why the project will financially successful:
This is aggregator project - good chance for cash-flow generating from the seed stage.
Whom am I seeking for:
We need into the project the Developer on Ruby on Rails, to take existing modules from another P2P project in real estate and implement them to
Marketer is also needed - the person qualified in online sales.

Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea