User-friendly Workflow Application that streamlines procurement activities

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer

For those who have worked for mid to large size companies know this problem all too well....

Large ERP applications for Procurement are not intuitive or user friendly, hence require large training efforts to train users on how to request a purchase order that can be routed and approved. Once someone knows how to do it, they are fine but reality is that regular users don't need a PO frequently so they tend to forget and everyone becomes frustrated. Procurement managers at best will blame managers for not training themselves from their outdated training material or at worse, cite lack of policy or process adherence... And users will blame Procurement for not being able to support the business quickly and easily.

This has been going on since the beginning of purchasing departments.... Now enters new requirements from the "Procurement Police"... Such as engaging Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Risk Management, Vendor Management Office, Compliance, Supplier Maintenance and other efforts that are needed before the user can get into placing a purchase order request in the "shopping cart "...

Today, most large companies are doing most of these "pre" required activities either via e-mails or using different tools that all have the same learning curve problems and none of them really connect to each other and ultimately one of the few ERPs deployed in their organization, impacting business needs and adding to user impatience.

Our application will bring a solution to these issues by providing a user-friendly workflow and integration into key platforms in the market as both cloud solution as well, stand-alone solution. I am looking for a solid developer and designer to join in on the prototype stage. I am open to having up to 2 technical co-founders and 1 non-technical to create a solid team.  Technical founder strong points should be on UI, Design, Middleware, and Workflow. 

As the head of such functions, I know the problem and know what solution is needed so my peers across mid to large size companies can make the cycle easier, more users friendly, and contribute to increasing value of Procurement activities by making them less painful.  Selling the solution will be easy as will exit strategy as one of the large players will want to acquire it quickly but before we get there, we need a fully operational application that customers can use.
Please e-mail me if there are other areas that piqué your interest for a discussion.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development