Drivebox: Use your cloud storage to securely receive files

Looking for: Designer, Marketer, Product manager

Doesn't matter if you are a designer, a hacker, a developer, a ninja or else: at one point in our life we all need to share files often way too large for our inboxes. As a consequence, we often have to rely on SaaS services, like wetransfer. I find this way of sharing files simply obsolete and quite messy: thousands of emails in your inbox with links that expires after a certain amount of time, with emails sometimes going straight to the spam folder, the files never to be received.

After working for the past year in a Digital Agency and experimenting the horrible feeling of not finding files you were sent anymore or even worse, not knowing if you ever received them or not, I decided to create Drivebox. Drivebox lets you securely receive files into your cloud storage. It currently supports Dropbox and Google Drive, but I plan to extend to OneDrive and AWS S3 in 2016.

Drivebox links up to your existing Google Drive and/or Dropbox account. Once authorised to use your cloud as storage, you will be able to create folders and share their URL though so that other people are able to upload and send you files, without having to signup. Every time someone uploads a file in one of your folder, you get a notification (you can turn off this functionality).

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