Universal translator

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
For thousands of years mankind was suffering from this 'evil'. It affected their daily activities all the time. Yet nowadays the pain from that problem got only stronger. This 'disease' has a name - the language barrier. Never before the need of learning other languages (or at least one) been so important. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present you the magic pill that will eliminate that pain once and for all - Star Trek's Universal Translator in real life.

Want to know more? Contact me ASAP and let's change the world.

Here is a short case:

- Still learning that language?
- Yep.. :(
- Lol, dude. It's been like 5 years already. Stop being a caveman. Check this baby out *showing the gadget*. It allows me to speak any language on a planet whenever I want. Here, try it.
- Holy sh*t o.O, it's working! Dude, you just gave me the best painkiller ever!
- ^^,

Additional Info

  • Website: http://www.numin.ch
  • Time commitment: over time (>40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development