Breakthrough multi-sensory tool with AI to give kids the chance they deserve!

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
NeuroLeap replaces the current paper-based, labor-intensive, legacy methods with a comprehensive 3-pronged solution: (1) Cloud-based AI, (2) a customized computer system, and (3) sensor modules.  This enables one individual to both diagnose and address multiple learning disabilities, for a range of conditions.  Using legacy methods, one expert is required for a one-on-one diagnosis while another expert manages one-on-one intervention.  NeuroLeap condenses both processes and thereby expedites diagnosis and intervention, at a significantly lower cost.
Note: We are not trying to replace any specialist. We provide a tool to them that help them be more effective in providing services at remote under-served locations and children.

Traction: Have MVP. Have revenue from screening app selling on iTunes (for iPad). Have 10+ person strong engineering team, have five expert advisors in addition to Speech & Language Pathologists, Special Education Resource Specialist and Occupational Specialists, with more than 25 years experience each, on our team. Received two grants so far. Plan to file 14 patents.
Looking for an experienced Psychometrician and a Child Psychologist.

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