Uber / Google Calendar for Haircuts

Looking for: Developer
The idea and business model have been validated- by both consumers and barbers/hairdressers.  The app will allow people to order an immediate haircut or schedule in advance from a highly skilled professional in their area.  Our business model allows barbers/hairstylists to earn more money than they would in a typical setting, partially because of traditional barbershop overhead costs that are passed on to them as an employee and also because of the premium people are willing to pay for this on-demand service.  There is little to no technology in this $30B industry and there is a definite demand for inclusion of the technology that isn't being met.  Our connections in the beauty and fashion industries will help take this thing off once we have the right co-founder and app built. Note- we have hundreds of high end barbers/stylists throughout the US already excited and ready to use the app once available.

Additional Info

  • Website: www.dapster.life
  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea