Twitter Sentiment Analysis - Searching for Student to join me!

Looking for: Designer, Developer
About 2 years ago I wrote a simple bot to retweet and win different items on Twitter. Since it worked, I always wanted to further explore the possibilities the platform had to offers.

Therefore, I started writing a simple stock scraper 1 month ago to get sentiment data from Twitter. It basically searches for the stock ticker symbol and analyzes the tweets. I am aware that similar technology has been out there for 5 years, but I think that there is still vast opportunity in exploiting public data. That having said I would like to also take into account tweet volume and similar metrics to provide reliable trading signals.

But first comes first, to build a reliable algorithm I will need to get the data properly organized. Currently I can obtain the data, but there is still a lot of noise. While I could to do it all on my own, I would love to find someone who would join me. A student in Computer Science or Engineering would be a perfect match. Please only drop me a message if you got at least some coding experience ( created at least simple applications in Python, PHP, Javascript ). 

In terms of new ideas, I am open for everything I even thought about creating a website front-end to possibly sell the obtained data feeds. In a nutshell, I am searching for a student who is interested in financial markets and has prior coding experience.

To get in touch please drop a message at braunphilipp ( + protonmail's email suffix )

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea