Tukeran (New social transaction without money)

Looking for: Designer, Sales person
What's your plan if you like your friend guitar but you don't have money to get it but you have a skill. Other side, your friend sometimes need your skill to help their problem. Do you get the solution?
Other case, what's your best choice if you have old nice shoes but you have been bored with the model? Throw it away or store in warehouse or sell or replace with other useful goods / services you need? While, there is someone need a nice shoes and he has good tent that rarely used.
I hope you will understand my ilustration above. That's my idea, the new app for social transaction without money. I'm in progress for both the App & Web in trial hosting on http://newtukeran.onfinger.net/
There are still many problems that must be addressed such as how they will think about shipping cost that more expensive than the comodity values, how they calculate the match comodity value, etc
If you would like to join these project, please contact me

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