Tourlancer - social platform for travelers

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Who are we?
We are an international startup located in the United States with team members from all over the world. We are building an online community where passionate local guides connect with travelers to provide them with a fully customized travel experience.
What do we do?
We believe that we can change the way people travel. By connecting knowledgeable locals with tourists interested in more than the standard package, the outcomes will be a better experience for both tour guide and tourist. The tourist will enjoy a greater understanding and appreciation of the country and its culture. This can change people’s perception and ultimately affect their lives positively. Tourlancer guides are passionate, independently employed people who know and love the places where they live. Tourlancer provides a platform from which they can promote and sell their tours.
We also want to provide an opportunity for the unemployed or underemployed to find a purpose. Tourlancer Academy aims to provide tour guide training and certification that will enable job seekers to hone their skills, create unique tours, and generate a living wage while having the fun and satisfaction of working in this exciting industry.

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