an Hassle-Free Meta-Search Engine for Finding the Top Hotel Deals

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Paying $100 per night at one hotel might be a rip-off, but it could be a great deal at another hotel. If you love to travel but are frustrated with how long it takes to find a great hotel room at a great price, you’re not alone. Travelers worldwide are paying the price for many online travel agencies’ modus operandi, which is to offer prices that benefit their own bottom line instead of their customers. But now there’s a better, more personalized way:, an innovative hotel metasearch engine that understands what matters most to travelers and puts their priorities first to find top hotel deals for their criteria. compare hotel offers from every major booking site to make sure you always get the lowest price and continously monitors price changes to notify you of any cost reductions for your prospective or existing reservations. The end-result: more savings for you, even after you book! Morever, provides an intelligent map-interface that visualizes hotels by their cost-utility to help you easily find the best hotel offer, anywhere in the world. With just a couple of clicks to confirm when and where you plan to travel and how much you want to pay, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free hotel booking experience that’s easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Sign up today and start saving!

Competitors: Hipmunk, Top10, TripRebel, DealAngel (OneTwoTrip), Tripaya 
Alternatives: Cancelon, Roomer, Tingo (TripAdvisor), TripBam, DreamCheaper

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