Tools for psychologists and psychology clinics

Looking for: Developer
I have a funded startup. I'm looking for a technical lead who can work at least half-time. I am located in Montreal, and would love to work with someone close, but I am willing to consider a remote partner.

I can offer a combination of cash plus equity.
Baseline product: EMR (electronic medical record) software specifically for psychology clinics. There are other players in the EMR space, but only one or two are specifically targeting psychologists. Right now the space is very open and no one has much market penetration. The top player has about 11,000 users. Market size is 200,000+ in the US, Canada, and the UK with more in the French and Chinese markets which we have connections to.
Who I am and what we have: I am a clinical psychology PhD student in my last year of school (graduating in May 2019). I work with clients and have witnessed the need for this product first hand. I have a semi-functional demo that I coded myself (been teaching myself laravel for the past couple of years) and a partnership with a local clinic that will allow us to product and feature test. I have spoken with other clinic directors and individuals in this area who are interested.
What makes us cool: For us, EMR is just a vehicle. It solves a real problem for psychologists, the vast majority of whom are still keeping paper records (at least in the private sector) and scheduling by phone and email. But our aim is to use this to deploy other tools. This starts with the latest in assessment and progress tracking, which has been shown to improve mental health outcomes substantially (depression remission rates improved by 25%). So our hope is to get in the door with a solution to a problem (record-keeping and scheduling), and then improve care with these and other tools.
Ultimately we're in this to increase happiness and reduce suffering, ideally while making a tidy profit and pushing the science forward.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development