tickl.me - The easiest way to discover the events that matter to you

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Today I launched the MVP (tickl.me on the Apple App Store) for what I believe will be the best way to help connect people to events, entertainment and cultural experiences. In 2016, event listings and event discovery is dominated by a fading regional publishing industry that has yet to find a compelling high-utility way to deliver their product via mobile. The overall competitive set is decidedly split between curators that cater to a small segment of the market and more comprehensive tools that focus on only one category of event (like music or theater).

What makes tickl.me different is we approach each user individually and start with the best event database that is publicly available. Each user can select the event categories that are important to them, both at a master category level (music, theater, sports, etc.) and the sub category level (bluegrass, performance art, baseball, etc.). The personalized event information is then served in familiar map and list views. The development roadmap includes the addition of social layers and some really compelling event management features.

I've launched the MVP with the help of an outsourced development partners and colleagues from my creative network as a marketing consultant. A complete rebrand and updated look and feel is almost completed as well. I'm looking for a tech lead co-founder to help complete the vision and possibly raise money to take the app national (it currently only serves the Los Angeles area).

Additional Info

  • Website: http://tickl.me
  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: publicly launched