theFilmGrid- a professional network for filmmakers

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
The Film Grid is an online network that allows film professionals to find, connect and collaborate with fellow crew members & artists, in their area.

Social media is growing exponentially and with it is the content that goes online. There are a lot of established and aspiring filmmakers that are leaning towards the social media to get their content across. This rise in the number of people making films is directly proportional to the number of artists, technicians and film/media personnel that are looking to connect with each other for their services.

Thus, The Film Grid provides a platform for the same in a functional, effective and productive way - filling a gap that needs to be addressed.

The entire development of the site (based in PHP) was outsourced to an IT firm. Now that the website is complete and functional, we are currently looking for someone to come on board as the Chief Programing Officer- to oversee maintenance/further development, who can be compensated in equity. (Preferably someone based in Mumbai , India)

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