The website for Social Campaigning

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Other
The idea is of building a Social Network based on Idea Mining & Social Campaigning through which people will voice in the changes they want in the society and amongst themselves. This is to be done in a revamped and innovative way. The website is based on the notion, “Changes for a better, healthier tomorrow”. Use your “Idea” and campaign for it to make it a reality. The idea can not only be on Activism, but any cause that will help in creating a better, greener tomorrow. 

Website features are
Social Networking interface based on php,

·        Home page & Profile page,

·        Each cause is called a “Campaign”,

·        Campaign features include “signature”, “Support It” option & "Voice in" (comment), 

·        Get funding for your “campaign” through donations,

·        Get funding for your “campaign” through playing games & using apps. Earn coins and convert them into donation money for “campaigns”,

·        Create as many “campaigns” as you want, 

Promote campaigns through advertising

Business page(for companies & Inc’s) & NGO Support page for campaigning on their latest eco-friendly products for tomorrow

For example, you are an engineering student thinking of an innovative idea of building a low-cost bike or moped that uses solar energy and can run on a speed of 80-100kmph. Your idea is brilliant, but you don’t have any capital or resources to make it possibility. But though the social network, you can campaign for the change, voice your idea, get an audience and raise funds. Also you can promote your idea by advertising. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea