The Ultimate Personal Information Handler software

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer

There used to be a time when it was quite natural to carry simultaneously a phone, a camera, an audio player and a pocket organizer. It was also common for all these gadgets to have different, incompatible power and data ports.

Not anymore. And a very similar change is starting to happen now with software. The flow of information an average person deals with on a daily basis has grown to a point where dramatic changes are required to the common software family to stay convenient. The challenge is: even if each of the tools is tailored perfectly for its class of tasks and content, dealing with all of them together may become a nightmare, for cross-app integration, communication and sharing features are still very primitive. As a result, users get bogged down under enormous clutter of email and instant messages, chats, appointments, notes, notifications, reminders, task lists, social network updates, links, news feeds, new or updated documents/photos/videos/web resources etc. etc.

 The way out is to create a personalized discrete “Hyperspace” where very different content coming from or created via very different applications or external sources can be organized, managed, filtered, prioritized, tracked and archived on a basis of common (cross-content and cross-application) Dimensions that matter to the user, not only to the source software or its makers. There are ways to automate, to a certain extent, pinning of various items to proper “cells” within the Hyperspace and their future “travel across”. There is also a way to build meaningful communication / synchronization protocols among Hyperspaces belonging to interacting “trusted” individuals and/or organizations.

 To support effectively such Hyperspace management common database types are not suitable. I’ve designed and prototyped a special database management system that allows to

             -        easily add or remove Dimensions / Dimension Members at any time;

-        effectively handle uncertainty / partial knowledge;

-        build advanced search engines supporting associative memory patterns (similar to those of human brain).

 Now I'm designing an application to become a keeper of such Hyperspace, to perform as an advanced and personalized Info Concentrator / Handler tool that will reduce significantly the time being wasted by users daily. It will incorporate a user-friendly, simple but extremely flexible and scalable 2D interface. Next step would be creation of a Hyperspace-enabled 3D interface that will merge seamlessly common user activities with enormous potential of VR (and possibly AR), thus finally making human-PC interaction an immersive, impressive, efficient, no-hassle experience.   


 I believe this project has a potential of not only changing the way users handle daily tasks via desktop or mobile devices, but, if mass adoption happens, of advancing the methods of information exchange and search in the global information space (particularly in such areas as e-commerce, B2C communication, online collaboration etc.).  


Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development