The People's Media

Looking for: Developer
Almost all of the mainstream media nowadays is owned by big corporations or wealthy individuals. This is a huge problem and danger for democracy in general, as the media has a huge impact on the public opinion, and therefore on our political views and actions. I want to start a website that would give the common people a totally new platform, a news website from the people, for the people. 
The idea of this website would be the possibility for every member to upload his own news related content for everyone to see. The content would have to be self created, be it just a text with infromation, a picture or a video, and from the area where the user is from, to assure that he provides first-hand information. Through an upvote/ downvote system the most relevant content with the highest quality would be brought to the user's attention. This would change the whole media landscape as we know it today and help to bring unbiased first-hand information from the people that are actually affected by current events!  Users would be able to look for other users from specific countries if they wanted to find out more about something going on in these countries and could contact them or ask them to provide more information. No longer would our news coverage be brought to us by reporters who usually have no relationship to the actual happenings, but real people who take part in whatever is going on. The possibilities once a big userbase is there would be endless!
This is just the general outline of my idea, if you are interested and willing to help me with this project, contact me and I will give you a more detailed description of the whole concept. I am specifically looking for individuals who could take care of the actual development of the website, but this would be a big project and I will gladly accept any help and support!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea