Instagram with GPS, for photos worth seeing in real life.

Looking for: Developer

Are you at a cool new bar and want to invite your friends? Send a GreatView. -  Are you writing travel content and want to bring the places in your photos to life for readers? Post to the GreatView map.  - Want to share that new scenic hiking trail with your friends? Post a GreatView.

With the GreatView app, I want to enable photographers of cool places, to share those photos with the people that want to explore those places. By attaching both geo-data, including orientation of the photo, plus EXIF data, we can make any photo on the network actionable and explorable, whether taken with analog, digital or phone camera. I want GreatView to be how people share photos of places worth seeing for yourself.

I have prototypes, mockups and wireframes, I have designed user flow, I have a list of APIs I need incorporated, and I need an eager-to-learn, willing-to-explore, ambitious iOS developer/partner/cofounder to code the app, and help launch and grow this idea and product.

GreatView Exploration Co. does not stop with an app through, I want to expand into camera attachment hardware, in a mission to make every photo explorable, whether taken with digital, analog, Go-Pro, or any other camera. If the photo is posted to the internet or any social network, and is worth seeing for yourself, I want the photo to be a GreatView, and inherently explorable.

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