The more people buy, the lower is the price the merchant applies

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person

Opportunity: Merchants want to sell in volume to get better prices from suppliers and turn inventory fast. Buyers do not want to buy in bulk, but would like to benefit from wholesale prices.

Solution: The unique value that PriceSteps offers to buyers is promotional pricing without the need to purchase in bulk quantities. Moreover, PriceSteps provides a unique, social gratifying and fun experience and a carefully curated market place. Through its community e-commerce platform, PriceSteps enables bulk quantities to be shared amongst people. As buyers bring more clients to each deal offered, they become socially viable purchasers, not just individual ones. As more people participate in a deal, the price drops so that the more each deal is shared socially, the lower the price becomes – and the more units are sold. All participants therefore benefit equally from sharing the deal. Merchants may sell fewer units per customer, but they expand their customer base they can use for future advertising and sales.

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