The modern way for cash proceeds deposits

Looking for: Developer
Dupo is the innovative way for cash proceeds deposits.
A startup in pre-launch that wants to collect small businesses cash proceeds, make a transfer of the funds to their business account and save time/money for business owners. Also, avoid risk.
My startup will serve cash only businesses or small businesses that deal heavily with cash. 
This is what I want my service to do:
1. After the business owner fills the information and email. The business owner or manager types the amount he needs to deposit in his bank account in our app. 
2. After typing the amount, he pays a fee depending on the amount he needs to deposit to proceed. 
3. When he pays automatically an associate ID will appear. He will be in charge of collecting the cash profits. Our associates will not have a dress code and drive affordable cars making them look the opposite of armored transports officers and confuse potential burglars.
4. When the associate has collected the cash in the business he will notify the associate in charge of making the transfer to the business account to proceed. Our associate will head to our facilities to dispose the cash and continue delivering service.
The prototype of the product 
With this service business owners will avoid conflicts with banks skepticism for frequent cash deposits, government agencies speculation of cash deposits being obtain from illegal activities, burglars, and not to mention the savings for business owners of using Dupo instead of costly Armored trucks.
Dupo can revolutionize how small businesses manage their cash proceeds, it will be the new way for businesses to have their money in their accounts rapidly.

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