The market of small/cash businesses is a multi-million dollar industry.

Looking for: Developer
Dupo Technologies can be a new option for small/cash business owners to deposit their direct cash proceeds of the businesses they own to their accounts. Why this is significant for the small business market? Because most of these businesses lose money by using armored services, in which sometimes result in aggressive encounters with burglars, or even sometimes the IRS can seize accounts of business owners because of inappropriate cash deposits. 

Dupo will be a B2B enterprise which the product that will be offering will be the next mentioned:

- create an app that will allow small/cash business owners to type the amount they need to deposit.
- pay a small fee for the service.
- the app will show the security driver in disguise.
- Once the driver has the cash proceeds he will immediately notify headquarters to complete the transfer of the funds the business owner demanded.

I believe with this product we can create a whole new way for small/cash businesses cash proceeds deposits around the U.S.

Currently, I am looking for a tech savvy co-founder to build this startup by summer in San Francisco and launch before 2016 ends! 
If you would like to join me and better construct the idea I am open to everything! Let's do it!

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