The free market for music and branded content.

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
In a world where publishers, taxis and even finding parking have moved to the social world of the mobile web, music labels are stuck playing catch-up to internet radio and piracy; paying out record low royalties while remaining crippled by swollen administrative costs. Recently the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against musicians in the fight for royalties from streamed or "transferred" digital music content and EU officials took more power and financial clout away from musicians and gave it to labels and licensing intermediaries. The music industry needs an overhaul of its business model. Opusnote is a web-based application crowdsourcing to the music label. In the overused language of entrepreneurs everywhere, Opusnote Etsy meets Netlix meets "The Greatest Movie ever Sold"; a virtual hub for the discovery,evangelism, evolution, retail and branding of digital music content, allowing consumers, artists and brands to seamlessly copromote and transform brand collateral through interactive rewards between themselves. This will leverage location and demographic targeted rewards and sponsorships, recommendation engines and big data; monetizing the value chain from discovery to retail.

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