The easy and fast way to get partners/customers database in 3 clicks

Looking for: Advisor, Developer

Good marketing and sales is good client/partner database. This is the first thing that every sales person in the world thinks of, especially when entering new markets. There are two ways to create the base. The first is to work with existing industry catalogues, lists or "Yellow pages" They are ALWAYS incomplete and outdated due to the "manual" nature. The second is to use google, e.t.c. It's like gold mining - boring and very time consuming. I'd like to combine the best of these "two worlds" and create fast and comfortable solution which provides accurate, complete and not outdated results.

The main idea is to create some kind of “live”, always relevant global “yellow pages”, without manual information input/updates.

We are going to create B2B search engine to find and automatically rank companies by size in target region and industry. We plan to use existing search engines (google, yandex, e.t.c.) and semantic content analysis.

For example, you need to get the list of all the companies - system integrators in Berlin. Choose Germany, Berlin, IT companies, press “Find” and get a ranked list of "live" companies with addresses. The ranking is based on the number of pages on the site, updates frequency, the last update date, the number of visitors.


I am sure that any sales person in the world, working on B2B markets, will love it. I am one of them and have been working in this business for 15 years.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea