The Dream Team (Updated Ver 2.)

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
The Dream Team
I originally wrote this post on Founder2be with the intention of putting together a team to build the DreamsLinked website. I still am. I have recuited a couple amazing people since I wrote this, and they follow me like a crew follows their captain. I couldn't ask for anything more. My search is not over. I need developers. I need someone skilled enough to build the backend of a mobile app that uses GPS technology to help people discover networks and events around them.

I have front end people ready to get down to business, I need to find backend/API skilled individuals to tie it all together. Message me if interested.

Back to the story!
Let's cut to the chase. I am the CEO/Founder of DreamsLinked, a project I created to bring the Silicon Valley experience to the web, and create a phenomenon that will affect the world. My model is Silicon Valley, my target is the world. Entrepreneurship isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, an opportunity. Why is it that everyone isn’t an entrepreneur? Only a few have immediate access to these resources. My goal is to make entrepreneurship mainstream; To create a community where people build and support ideas. Where anyone with an idea can network with like-minded individuals to make it happen.
I created this company for the very same reason I am writing this today: no one is willing to support this idea, and those who do, are unable to help build and push the idea forward, but they will join the community I seek to build, and are waiting for me to build it. 
So what I seek is to put together the Dream Team. What is the Dream Team? It is a team of awesome people who want to build awesome products/technology together. Chemistry is everything, so I am seeking out fun and down to Earth people who will stand for a cause! Most importantly, they have to believe that anyone, and everyone, not just those with Harvard degrees, or VC's, should be allowed to dream and pursue their ideas. Also, they have to be motivated by accomplishments, not finances (this is entrepreneurship, not a global conglomerate). So what am I looking for? Ever seen the movie Inception (if you haven’t do it now, or wait and we can see it as a group)? In the movie they pull together a team of individuals with the goal to accomplish the impossible, and their goal is to help the leader do the impossible (some have ulterior motives, but they form a strong bond with one another). That’s who we are, and that’s what we want you to be: a valued member with the goal to achieve something bigger than yourself. So expect to join up with a fun group of individuals who want to change the world!
I am looking for more than just skilled individuals; I am searching for people to share this experience with, good and bad, to become great friends with down the road as well! I am looking for a flexible partnership with individuals who are interested in helping me push my ideas further, so that I can help them push their ideas further. The issue I have is that I literally bootstrapped this company and idea to this point, so I am unable to pay anyone who joins or partners up, but I can guarantee that this is an adventure worth traversing, and idea worth investing time (or money, not as important) into, and even though I cannot now, I will compensate (monetary or otherwise) in the near future, with things such as equity, or employment.
As of now, I have recruited a front end programmer last week, who is willing to dedicate his free time to my idea, and I have a back end/ front end developer who helps out whenever he can, more than likely until that big jump is made, then he will become full time.
I say the partnership is flexible because you can leave or join at any time, I never close my doors, and I never fire anyone (I have a very discerning eye when it comes to picking people out). Another reason to why I say flexible is: every person who joins has a greater goal, or dream to achieve. I want to help them achieve their dreams, and begin pursuing them while still being a member of this team.
If this all sounds too good to be true, contact me and let's talk. I am looking for more than just skilled people, I am also seeking indivduals to share this experience with, and become good friends down the road as well.

Please e-mail me at gerald.2010.kelly at g mail dot com or skype: ceo.gerald if you wish to know more, or want to join!
Just a warning: Projects include, but are not limited too:
GameNetTech - a kickstarter project that believes that: gaming is addciting, networking is fun, and technology links it all together.
PostSwap - Join to find out more! - a social platform site where dreams are linked and we pursue them together.
DreamsLinked App -  an information/educational app that teaches communities about entrepreneurship and helps people discover their hidden talent.
No worries, all of these projects are past the idea stage and are being developed. We just need to expedite everything!
Shoot me a contact! Become an awesome(r) person!
Thank you for taking the time to hear my story! Have a wonderful day!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development