Text to Order with One Touch Payment eWallet Mobile App

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Marketer
Location-aware mobile search app (think Yelp, AroundMe, Foursquare) with an UI similar to Flipboard. This gives the user photo-based listings based on the location of the user sorted nearest to furthest. User is able to flip/scroll through the listings, sort them by business type and favorite them for quick recall later. User may generate new locations for non-listed businesses or non-commercial properties and share those locations with others. User may keep notes by location, such as “Who was my favorite waiter?,” “What entrees do I like at this location?,” and “Who is the general manager?” 
Twitter integration to provide user with recent tweets from each location. A customizeable app tray allows the user to add only those apps that are relevant to each location. Another tray is provided for location specific contacts. User may launch map and navigation apps from each location screen.
Ability to text any business location to ask questions or place orders, even to land-lines. Ability for merchant to reply through the app with an order confirmation and payment amount, allowing the user to pay by clicking a single link in the reply text. A TRUE ONE-STEP PAYMENT SOLUTION! Uses a secure account that does not transmit credit card or personal information through the app. Revenue is generated through merchant processing fees as little as 1% (versus an average of 1.85% for credit card processing), in-app advertising by merchants and through 3rd party Ad support.

An innovative solution to the poor adoption rates of Apple Pay, Square, PayPal and others using NFC and bluetooth technologies, and out-dated ACH processing.
Customers want to text their business transactions – let them!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea