Teach students how to learn

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
I am British-Indian and I am from East London. I did a Masters in Pharmacy a year and half ago and I used to help my peers and tutor. I had been self-employed up until last summer, and started this company in Autumn. I have made a company that is designed to teach students not only how to get a grade, but how to learn as a skill in itself. I have four defined unique selling points (2 from parents, and 2 for students), that triggers their pain points very well. I am extremely structured with my organisation, and I have over 60 pages of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place to easily delegate to future employees. I also have an integrated admin system to carry booking jobs, lessons, and auto-payments from clients including set days of doing payroll. I have a team of ten tutors, ALL trained. The business has begun, but I am at a point where I need extra assistance... I also have a course made, and it has just been marketed on Udemy, initially for free. There are over 550 student sign ups from over 75 countries. No revenue made just yet but that is next in the pipeline.

The idea is to have trained tutors in learning how to learn as a skill in itself to improve their self awareness in learning. TOO many students work too hard and they do not get the grades that they deserve. It is time to teach them learning skills so that they can become empowered in the way that they learn and be self-aware. Optimization in learning is key and too many students are not taught this in schools unfortunately. The business has already started, and I am looking to market the product on a national scale (the course is focused on the UK for now). It is currently on sale on the company's website. I want to work with someone who lives in London (preferably in East London as that is where it is based), UK, who has great experience in marketing, design, sales, and revenues, and can work with admin work from time-to-time. The training, operations, and strategic side including tutor training is all with me and I have that in place. The business is well set and planned to grow well, however, it is missing it's complimentary counterpart, and you could be that person. These are other skills and personality traits that I am looking for in a partner: Integral, trustworthy, energetic, organised, responsible, and a good work ethic Has passion and desire in the education field.



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