VC1 - The Most Intuitive Musical-Instrument Ever

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Have you ever tried to learn a musical-instrument and found it incredibly hard? Or are you a musician and would you love to play your instrument much more immediate and intuitively? As intuitive as you can use your voice?
The VC1 transforms your voice into any instrument you can imagine. You sing a melody and the VC1 gives it whatever sound you want - in realtime! It can transpone your voice as low as a double-bass or as high as a flute. The VC1 even auto-corrects your intonation. With any sound you want, it fits to any style of music. Most professional musicians and singers would love to have a VC1 in their toolbox! 
Being myself a musician and audio-engineer since time, I have developed the VC1 to be a robust and professional musical instrument, which can be used in a recording studio as well as in the chaotically loud surroundings of a rehearsal room, or live on stage. We are at production prototype stage and are working to get our crowdfunding campaign starting and off the ground.
We need URGENTLY a co-founders with marketing skills. But we are also very open to talk with anybody seriously interested, presumed she/he can bring in valuable skills.
Partime commitment is sufficient as long as no revenue flows back. Once we are started, full-time will be necessary.

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