Synaesthesia Software

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Synaesthesia is a neurological phenomenon. In Synaesthetes brain there are certain parts of the brain are connected "stronger" resulting in a fusion or combining of senses. For Synaesthetes, all 5 senses can be combined, therefore they see music or smell sounds. A common type of synaesthesia is percieving letters and numbers in colours. 
The interesting part is, that there are many synaesthetes out there, that do not perieve their synaesthesia because they did not give attention to their extraordinary way of percieving the world. 
The Goal fof synaesthesia software is to a) help synaesthetes to identify with synaesthesia and give them tools to find further synaesthetes b) help them to get aware of their truly amazing way of peception and getting to know different types of synaesthesia and c) provide synaesthetic-educational tools that includes learning with different senses and hence makes learning easier.
The target group for our software is around 10% of population, from all ages all over the world. Having the synaesthesia tools in in English, Spanish, German and French gives us an audience of around 100 Mio people.
Since I was dedicating a lot of time into synaesthesia, having great insights, talking to many synaesthetes and developing ideas, nobody can replace me and my ideas so far. Unmodestly said: I am ahead of time and I need help now to make my visions come true.

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