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Can you imagine using a supercomputer on demand? With no set up, and virtually an unlimited amount of compute power at your disposal, across any cloud platform.

My name is Mitchell Lawton and I am the founder of Swrm.

Our aim at Swrm is to provide a virtual supercomputer in the cloud.

The technology to achieve this is well tested and has been used since 1999 by Setti on more than 350,000 computers across the world generating more than 9.5pettaflops of processing power.

However to build this type of supercomputer with the current cloud infrastructure, it takes organizations weeks if not months setting up instances on amazon EC2 or google compute.

Swrm’s aim is to address this problem, by supplying Grid as a service to organizations. Our platform reduces cost associated with set up, and deployment of a high performance computing cluster

We handle everything from fault tolerance, load balancing to maintenance and security.  This reduces an organization’s staffing requirements.

Swrm has four products under development Public cloud supercomputer, Private Cloud supercomputer, Hybrid Cloud supercomputer and Open Grid each are on demand and fully customizable with a few clicks and satisfy the legal requirements of an organization.

As you can see virtual supercomputers are within in reach of anyone, we just need to grasp it so we no longer need to imagine.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development