Protein Shake chain to Stockholm

Looking for: Advisor, Marketer, Sales person
There are many juice bars nowadays selling maximum 2 different protein shakes. In our place the main product is protein shakes, before and after training ones. On top of this there are super coffees, amazing salads and snacks such as overnight oath with peanut butter. This will become one place entry for athletes and people who care for their bodies and there are lots pf them. To have a place where you can go before and after training and get everything you need is really needed and it would be an instant success. I have already created a full menu and I am currently testing everything. I am using only organic products and many super foods suchs as MCT oil, maca powder and many more. The main menu has the drinks which are pre and after workout protein shakes and also the super coffees. No one is serving super coffees yet so this will be a massive advantage on the market towards competition. There isnt a place in Stockholm that as a brand is protein shakes and super foods. All the places that have somekind of protein drinks are branded as juice bars. 

I have asked from many people that how woud they see this and 10/10 says its needed and they are excited to see a list that has amazing protein shakes using the best products possible and also whats getting excitement are the super coffees. Super coffee has for excample, coffee,
mct oil, organic grass fed butter, coconut milk and peppermint stevia for sweetening. They are for people who likes coffee with extra kick and health benefits. This is a growing trend and I want to be the first who offers them. Protein House in USA is a good excample what I want to achieve AND MORE. They dont have the coffees on their list but you get the picture what im after. I want to greate a brand that is global and I mostly need guidance and money to start doing. I have amazing idea and i hope that the right person contacts me who sees my vision and gets excited.

I am looking for someone to see my vision and become the investor and if the person want a co-founder as well. I am at the stage where I just need the funding to take this forward and start looking the premises. The name of the place will be GAINZ and I have people working with the logo already. Please contact me for more details and lets make this happen!!! I want to build this an international brand and its my passion!!!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea