Subscription box for families who want to teach their kids to keep the house clean

I know Jessica Alba has a good cleaning startup. But mine is different.
I want to provide families with creative materials (games, funny notes, journals, schemes) and stuff (it could be anything from baking soda and organic all-purpose cleaner to cleaning gadgets  — depending on the topic of the box)  needed for a family with kids  age 2 to 14 to clean the space around.
Clean the house, car, closet, garden - possibilities are endless.  Each box should contain 5 great cleaning items, a game (each game gives different opportunities to clean the house having fun) and a bonus (a journal, a scheme, a calendar, a book, set of postcards, etc.)  
I did not come up with a good name yet. Playclean? Declutteron? 
Subscription should be available through the website.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea