Stock Dashboards & Decision Making Platform

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
We combine data in ways that no other site does - and allow users to drive the direction of the site (suggestions and voting). Basically various views of a persons stock portfolio (not tied to a brokerage at this point - but could be incorporated) so they can group stocks into buckets and see them at once for easy decision making.

Problem lies with refinement for larger scale. The site is not what I would call "professional grade" and lacks a lot of options that I would expect a larger market would be willing to pay for. 
There are a few side revenue streams that can be generated from this business; however we need to be able to dial in the main business and then look to additional growth.

Product is beyond proof of concept and is generating revenue, just not a lot at this point. I have taken the concept to this point and feel it is time to grow it and develop it further with the correct resources.

I think a 3 person team could get this product rolling strong; myself, another developer/designer and someone who was an expert in online / social media marketing.

I am looking for folks who can put regular enough time and attention; however it is not a business that is supporting anyone yet. This is a sweat equity opportunity; earning equity as you help develop the business. Goals and milestones for equity would be agreed to ahead of time and would be fair.

Open to build and hold; or grow and sell - the team would generate the plan based on the growth potential.

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