Stiqer is the Square of loyalty programs.

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Stiqer is a B2B startup delivering an end-to-end solution for customer retention for businesses of various types and sizes. By the way of analogy, we are a mix of World of Warcraft and an airline mileage program for everyday consumers, and a mix of Salesforce and a Harvard Statistics Laboratory for businesses. We are addressing the engagement problem between merchants and consumers.

Stiqer provides a customer-facing mobile app that is beyond the “paper-to-mobile” strategy employed by our competitors in the loyalty space. It leverages social and gaming elements to engage the customers by allowing them to interact with each other, compete, level up and explore. This gets rid of the need for multiple loyalty cards and actively involves the users in the reward process. For businesses, not only does Stiqer create more engaged customers, but it also provides more customer insight than does a traditional punchcard program. Using these insights, businesses can also deliver tailored marketing campaigns straight to the customers’ phones through an intuitive dashboard and engage with their customers at the right place and at the right time. 

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