startup supply chain and lead tool - Pollination

Looking for: Developer
Mobile App - have mocks

Either upload supplier list or manually enter each one
Fire off invitation emails to join the network
On acceptance, the suppliers download the app
When you want something from the suppliers who are using the app
Fire off a request by selecting a range of suppliers in your network (maybe more than one can provide what you want)
This pushes a notification to the supplier (might see a 1 in the meat ball for example - if missed)
The supplier(s) open the app and begins to chat to the requester
This happens in real time, you can chat to multiple suppliers simultaniously.
The suppliers can compete, by offering up a good price etc
Once the buyer is happy with one supplier, there will be a way of accepting the offer
Payments (will be incorporated later...)

Once a single customer of ours loads up a big enough supplier network, if they do the same, it goes viral. Then over time we can see who is connected to who, who is buying what and when. We will be able to offer up suggestions on who they might connect to, by geography, price etc. Will can offer leads for x price.

This idea works well for small to medium enterprises and start ups. It is not targeted towards larger organisations (yet) who have a whole host of established and long term relationships. 

This product can be monetised in this way:

1. Leads, based on the data we hold
2. One day it will shift from the app to the web, where it will become more of SaaS
3. Insight on companies supply chain, recommendations
4. Insight reports
5. Recommended suppliers, based on geography, price, etc
6. Licensing agreements on SaaS 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea