Startup Entrepreneurs


Startup Entrepreneurs is an excellent club of startup entrepreneurs and experienced professionals to support each-others and strengthen startup culture in India. This is an excellent mixture of passion and expeirence. Here we work in a group to support each-other with our to maximize each-other success.Startup Entrepreneurs offer numerous supports to our club members. The four major supports are:

  • – Self-Finance
  • – Mentorship
  • – Networking
  • – Workspace

At Startup Entrepreneurs, we assist entrepreneurs to connect with entrepreneurs/mentors/investors within India and abroad. We assist them to generate revenue for themselves to survive and continue their journey. We assist them with in-valuable advice and network essential for success. We  assist them with company formation, tax reporting, business planning, government grants, project proposal, and business operations etc. If and when required, our mentors encourage entrepreneurs to avoid their option of giving up and continue their fight. We work towards generating a business around a business idea for entrepreneurs; and skilled them to pull this business forward.

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