Start-up Clothing line

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer

I am looking to build a team of passionate and well verse individuals to parachute in and help me spearhead this project to build an men's and women apparel line. Being skilled at creating concepts for the consumer to purchase, and understanding trends is part of the brick and motors to create a line. With the help of a Business Developer, an Advisor, my brand would surely go global in a small matter of time by assistance with pricing, creating a better infrastructure which would lead to procurement of capital. As of now, my product remains on a custom apparel collaborative website who handles all aspects from the production to distribution, however I am creating prototypes with a distributor in my near location to have a better handle on the fabric choices. 

Starting this project back in 2nd quarter of 2014, my brand has received superlative appraisal visually, though buyers are hesitant to support custom online apparel brands considering their is no relationship with the quality of the fabric.  With resources at its lowest, its quite strenuous to be left alone  to create prototypes while handling other financial obligations. That's where you come in to help me where necessary. I left a link to the brand's website

Here is the link to the Collaborative website I am using to sell my pieces online.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave me a note. 


Additional Info